Erudition and entertainment intermingle in a heady mix of what you want and what you need to know.  Chautauqua gatherings, according to Teddy Roosevelt, are the "most American thing in America". No quackery here! All of our Chautauqua presentations are held at the Key City Public Theatre, located at 419 Washington St.


The History of Conjuring
Presenter: Professor DR Schreiber

Early in the 19th century, magic, or conjuring as it was referred, emerged as a genuine art form and entertainment.  Professors of natural philosophy and conjuring would rent taverns, legitimate theaters or lecture halls for the exhibition and displays of the latest scientific discovery, mechanical innovation or mathematical theory.  The conjurers of the late 18th and early 19th Century grew these ideas into full displays for all to see and experience. Cultivating the theories, innovations and discoveries of the early scientists and inventors, the conjurers used their skill in the magical arts to create, in reality, what the public could only dream. Professor DR Schreiber will present the history of modern magic in his lecture and discuss how many of these conjurers helped to influence later generations of inventors, scientists, doctors and beyond.

Professor DR Schreiber, the historical conjurer, is a Portland, OR-based magic historian, performer, and instructor of young magicians.  He is the past President and current Vice President of the Portland Assembly of Society of American Magicians, a member of the Portland Society of Magicians, the Conjuring Arts Research Center and the Academy of Magical Arts (Magic Castle), as well as a certified mentor for the Society of Young Magicians, Salem and Portland chapters.  Schreiber is also holds status of Full Professor at Camelard College of Conjuring Chemmis. Schreiber is also the won the award for 2011 Stan Kramien Excellence in Stage Magic competition. Schreiber uses his long career as a television producer and years of working as a cast member at Disneyland to enhance the all around entertainment experience for his audience.

Director’s Morning Welcome
Time: 11:00am (well...it's early for him)
Presenter: Nathan Barnett

This "early morning" Chautauqua session is about getting things started - and Brass Screw director Nathan Barnett knows how difficult mornings can be. Seeking efficiency, Mr. Barnett shares tales of Steampunk programming disasters too terrible to recount (except he will be recounting them), while offering pointers on how to shave with a straight-edge razor.  Learn the true history of the Brass Screw Confederacy and how to properly tie your bow tie.  Discuss (and witness) 19th Century Indian clubs as a means of invigorating the mind and body whilst sharing ideas about how to transform communities armed with only a small group of wonderfully enthusiastic people.

This is very much an opportunity to look forward as well as back.  The latter portion of this session will be open forum. Come share what you want to see in the future and we'll see if we can build it. And finally, properly turned out and ready to face the world, it's off to the pub.

Conjuring Show
Time: 12:00pm
Presenter: Professor DR Schreiber

Feel the sense of wonder and amazement as Professor DR Schreiber emulates the far gone era of early conjurers. In the late 18th and early 19th century, many believed that the future would hold wonderful and miraculous inventions and discoveries, many of which have yet to be. From mind control devices to time travel, anything and everything seemed possible as the world entered into the industrial revolution. Innovators such as Benjamin Franklin harnessed the power of lightning. Theories of thought transference had been proposed by Dr. Franz Mesmer. Machines in the form of automatons could perform complex and difficult computations and tasks. And bigger steam powered machines could force the land around us to adhere to our will. The innovations and discoveries of the late 18th century sparked the imagination of the public and planted the seeds for future generations of dreamers. Professor DR Schreiber’s performance once again sparks the imagination of the public with his examination of what history could have been. Just as the conjurers of the past, he explores the possibilities of what could be.

Tales of Monster Hunting with Lindsay Schopfer
Time: 1:00pm
Presenter: Lindsay Schopfer

Come join author Lindsay Schopfer as he tells tales of adventure in character as Keltin Moore, professional monster hunter. After the show, Lindsay will answer questions about the Keltin Moore series of adventures as well as his other novels and short stories.

BRASS: Year Three
Time: 3:00pm
Presenter: John Longenbaugh

As we move into our third year of producing BRASS: A Steampunk Adventure Serial, we celebrate the imminent conclusion of Season II of the Audio Series podcast, review our live shows, take a look at our recently critically acclaimed short "The Kinesigraph," and talk with BRASS Showrunner John Longenbaugh about the upcoming mini-series "The Devil in Whitechapel." Plus a live reading with special guests, including Tad Morgan (co-creator of “The Devil in Whitechapel)!

John Longenbaugh (BRASS) is a Northwest-based writer-producer whose plays include "Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Christmas Carol," "Scotch and Donuts" and "Arcana." When he's not hard at work on his upcoming novel he enjoys the occasional spar with the fine gentlemen and ladies of BWAHAHAHA. See what he's up to at john.longenbaugh.com, and check out BRASS at battlegroundproductions.org.

“What’s in Your Trunk?, or, How the Elephant Got Its Obelisk”
Time: 4:00pm
Presenter: Mahometan & Celestial, LLC

When is an expedition indistinguishable from an intrusion? We suspect the answer may not be to your liking.


The History Files
Time: 10:00am
Presenter: Gordon Frye

Join Gordon Frye and guests for a live audience recording of The History Files! The History Files is a weekly podcast dedicated to history of all eras. Hosted by historian Gordon Frye and various guests, they discuss history in the news, in the media, in literature, in politics, and just about anywhere else.

Forgotten Adventurers
Time: 11:00am
Presenter: Elizabeth Young

From antiquarians to postal workers, the Victorian era offered many opportunities for the courageous and the curious to lead interesting lives, fraught with danger. Some of them became quite famous, and are well-known to us today, such as Stanley and Livingstone, Shackleton, and Carter. Many others are less well-known, but their stories are well worth the telling. Forgotten Adventurers seeks to shed some light on some of the less well-known undertakers of perilous adventures in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Props for Perilous Adventures: A Field Guide
Time: 12:00pm
Presenter: Tobias McCurry

Every perilous adventure requires the proper equipment and accessories. Master bodger Tobias McCurry will provide a look at what sorts of kit an adventurer might need to set out on an expedition into the wilds of the world.